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PARC and CQU agree to make joint efforts in promoting cooperation

by: CQU  OICE   View:   Updated: 03-07-2012

Scott Elrod, PARC Vice President, and Mark Stephenson, Business Development Director, have made a three-day visit to CQU and exchanged views on cooperation in joint innovative research and technical transfer with departments, schools, and labs concerned from June 27 to June 29.

CQU President Lin Jianhua and Vice President Liu Qing met Dr. Elrod and Mr. Stephenson while the guests were at Chongqing University. After giving a brief introduction to the university history and current development, President Lin had shared the university vision and future prospects with Dr. Elrod. President Lin said CQU attaches great importance to talent cultivation and innovative research. And PARC, as a world renowned research institute, is the birthplace of a number of computer technologies and a leader in making innovations. He hopes that PARC and CQU make efforts in educational and research cooperation. Dr. Elrod said he is greatly impressed with the rapid development and huge potential of Chongqing and Chongqing University. CQU is a national famed university, and PARC has many researchers of professional excellence in IT, clean technology, networking, intelligent software, innovative service, etc. Both sides shall set up links and explore cooperation as soon as possible. Later Dr. Elrod and Mr. Stephenson visited CQU national key labs of High voltage, Electron microscope, and MEMS.

 Dr. Elrod was also invited to give a public lecture entitled PARC—Innovation, Past, Present and Future. Around 400 CQU students and teachers attended the lecture and asked various questions, ranging from the research PARC has been carryed out to how PARC has successfully conducted innovation management.

On June 28 and 29 2012, Dr. Elrod visited Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Administration Commission, Chongqing Education Commission, Chongqing Science and Technology Commission, and BORN Group in the company of CQU Vice President Liu Qing. The introduction to R & D in Chongqing made by CSTC deputy director Pan has boosted PARC’s confidence in cooperating with CQU as well as Chongqing authorities and enterprises. He said “Chongqing Mission”, an event aiming to attract more R & D institutes to Chongqing was held in 2009 and 2011, which has succeeded in introducing 1251 advanced technologies from abroad and attracting 72 famous overseas institutes to settle down. In addition, Chongqing has already set up the mechanism of providing a full service that technical transfer requires, from R&D, secondary development, pilot test and incubation to venture capital, and innovation service, which ensures the smooth operation of technical transfer and commercialization.

Besides, Dr. Elrod also met Chongqing Municipal Government deputy secretary general Tu Jingping during the visit. Mr. Tu gives a clear signal that technical innovation and transfer is an indispensable way to achieve the goals of Chongqing future development. Chongqing municipal government highly values and strongly supports it. Dr. Elrod welcomes the information by expressing his expectation and confidence in exploring the great opportunities and having a win-win collaboration with the government, CQU and industries. PARC and CQU will endeavor to seek an effective way to carry out cooperation in education and research.


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